Crispin: The Cross of Lead Chapters 40-41 Summary


Chapters 40-41 Summary

At first, Crispin does not know who is calling him. He turns to run, but the man comes closer and shouts, “Crispin, you son of a scoundrel!” It is Bear. Relieved, Crispin runs and hugs his friend. Bear returns the embrace and then demands to know what happened.

Somewhat breathlessly, Crispin tells all about the attack by John Aycliffe’s men. Hurriedly, he shares a piece of information he worked out during his flight. Aycliffe is known to be related to Lady Furnival, and she must have called him to Great Wexly when her husband died. Bear admits that he thought that might happen, but he says he hoped to escape Aycliffe's notice during their short visit.

Following back streets and alleys, Bear leads the...

(The entire section is 535 words.)