Crispin: The Cross of Lead Chapters 37-38 Summary


Chapters 37-38 Summary

Crispin runs out to the street, proud that he is brave enough to venture out alone. At first he just stands still and watches people walking by. Then he chases a group of children, eager to see where they go. When they disappear, he simply wanders by himself and looks at whatever interests him—which is everything.

At a bakery, Crispin discovers white bread—a curiosity he has never seen before. He spends his penny on a loaf and eats it. It tastes light and fluffy. It amuses him to eat something that needs so little chewing.

After a while, Crispin leaves the main road and explores the winding dirt roads that wend through the center of town. He enjoys choosing new paths and not knowing where they will lead....

(The entire section is 538 words.)