Part 3, Chapter 5 Summary

Raskolnikov cannot stop laughing at Razumihin’s embarrassment, even when they enter the room to meet Porfiry Petrovitch. Raskolnikov notices Zametov sitting in a corner, an unpleasant discovery. Razumihin finally recovers himself and introduces his two friends, and Petrovitch listens to Raskolnikov’s request regarding his pawned items.

Petrovitch listens intently and then tells Raskolnikov he must write a request for his items, saying that he knows about the murder and wants to claim his property. Raskolnikov gets the impression that Petrovitch is amused at his naiveté and then comes to the awful conclusion that the man must know the truth. He continues talking, trying to sound “normal” as he explains his...

(The entire section is 820 words.)