Crazy Rich Asians

by Kevin Kwan

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Which social class is represented in Crazy Rich Asians?

Expert Answers

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Crazy Rich Asians was written by Kevin Kwan. It takes place in New York City and Singapore, where many millionaires reside. It is a story about a couple of professors named Rachel and Nick, who are in a relationship with each other. Rachel comes from a middle-class background, but Nick comes from a very wealthy background. Nick actually doesn't live like a rich man in New York City, so Rachel never suspects that he and his family have a lot of money. To her surprise, she finds out that Nick comes from a powerful family in Singapore when she goes with Nick to Singapore to attend his friend’s wedding. Before they depart New York to travel to Singapore, Nick’s mother becomes aware that her son will be bringing his girlfriend along. Nick's mother knows Rachel is a middle-class woman. She believes that Rachel is dating Nick to enrich herself. Nick's mother hires a private investigator to dig up dirt on Rachel in an effort to try to break up their relationship.

Among the many wealthy people in Singapore, the work claims to represent the extremely wealthy class of people who highly value family ties and prestige. The story distinguishes between those who are merely rich and those who are considered to be the wealthiest and most powerful people in the country. It seems to suggest that there is a class of people in the work whose net worth is in the top one percent of people in Singapore. This elite class of people is comprised of citizens who generally do not believe in violating traditional norms. They also generally do not want their offspring to marry or even date outside their extremely wealthy class. That seems to be the main concern of Nick's family. They do not seem to care whether Nick's girlfriend is American, but they do seem to care whether she is very wealthy and digging for gold. Rachel does not have nearly as much money as Nick's family, and she doesn't live as extravagantly as they do. But, ironically, Nick does not live like a wealthy man, either.

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