Crazy Rich Asians

by Kevin Kwan

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians tells the story of Rachel Chu and her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, as they navigate their romance amongst the superrich Asians of Singapore.

Rachel Chu is a young economics professor who never wanted to date Asian men before she met Nick. They fall in love, and he invites her to visit his hometown of Singapore for the occasion of his best friend's wedding. Rachel has a difficult time adjusting to Nick's rich lifestyle, which is exacerbated by his mother's disapproval of her.

Nicholas Young grew up in Singapore among the richest of the rich. He is the sole heir to his family's massive fortune, but he doesn't live his life like a wealthy man. His best friend is getting married, so he travels to Singapore to serve as the best man and introduce Rachel to his family and friends.

Goh Peik Lin was Rachel's college roommate, and they've been best friends ever since. Peik Lin lives in Singapore and helps Rachel to navigate the complicated life she faces there.

Colin Khoo and Araminta Lee are the betrothed couple Nick and Rachel travel to see. Colin and Nick have been best friends since childhood. Colin, like Nick, comes from a lot of money, as does Araminta. Rachel doesn't realize this when she meets them because they are very low-key and easygoing.

Astrid Leong-Teo is Nick's cousin and one of his best friends. She's married with a young son, but she's experiencing some issues in her marriage. She discovers her husband, Michael Teo, has been cheating on her and wants to end their marriage.

Charlie Wu is Astrid's ex-fiancé. He comes to her rescue when she doesn't know how to handle her problems with Michael.

Shang Su Yi is Nick's grandmother and the reason he is so rich. She lives in an incredibly large home where the entire family congregates for weekly dinners.

Eleanor Young is Nick's mother. She is fiercely protective of her son and doesn't approve of his relationship with Rachel. She is single-minded in wanting to preserve his spot as the heir to the family fortune.

Nick's family are rich and judgmental, but love him dearly and want the best for him. Some are very supportive of his relationship with Rachel and try to help her navigate life in Singapore.

Eleanor's friends are her closest confidants and work tirelessly to help her gather dirt on Rachel. They gather weekly for Bible study, which is more of an excuse to gossip than anything else.

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