Other literary forms

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

The prose works of Coventry Patmore (PAHT-mohr) include essays, a biography, numerous letters, and aphoristic collections. His Essay on English Metrical Law was published in 1856 (a critical edition was published in 1961). More than twenty years later, he published his first book of prose, a biography of the poet Barry Cornwall titled Bryan Waller Procter (1877). He published an account of his success in managing his estate at Heron’s Ghyll in How I Managed and Improved My Estate (1888). His major collections of prose are: Principle in Art (1889); Religio Poet (1893); and Rod, Root, and Flower (1895).

A five-volume edition of his Works was published in London in 1907. No edition of his letters exists, but many can be found in Basil Champneys’s Memoirs and Correspondence of Coventry Patmore (1900) and in Further Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins (1956, Claude C. Abbott, editor), the latter volume containing Patmore’s correspondence with Hopkins.