The Court of the Stone Children Summary
by Eleanor Cameron

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The Court of the Stone Children Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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The Court of the Stone Children addresses philosophical questions, such as the nature of time and reality, that have occupied thinkers through the ages. It is also a lively, entertaining story that presents its thought-provoking ideas clearly and concretely, in a simple, readable style that never "talks down" to the reader.

On the one hand, there is a fascinating two hundred-year-old murder mystery to be solved. Clues are found in dreams, in an old diary, and in paintings which show scenes of the life of an eighteenth-century French family. The novel is filled with mysterious people and suspenseful situations that build to a satisfying climax. Its believable characters include teenagers and adults, both from the present day and from two centuries ago. The characters form appealing friendships that span the usual barriers of differing backgrounds, generations, and even centuries.

Interwoven with the murder mystery are discussions by the characters of intriguing subjects: prophetic dreams; the relationship between time and space; mirrors as windows into other lives; and the possible existence of several levels of reality, all simultaneously true. The novel can be read and reread, with the reader's enjoyment deepening each time.