Course in General Linguistics

by Ferdinand de Saussure

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Student Question

Can you recommend a book that focuses on Morphemes, particularly Suffixal Homophones?

Expert Answers

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The study of the structure of the English language has been a focal point for several scholars and researchers worldwide since the 1950s. As a result, there is a vast selection of available texts that teach us how to analyze grammar and language from the perspective of a student, a teacher, or a researcher.

It is often recommended that you become acquainted with the study of language from all three perspectives. The first book that is recommended at all levels is Cours de linguistique générale by Ferdinand de Saussure, which is considered the "rule book" of the field of Linguistics.

After Saussure, the second most respected researcher in linguistics is Noam Chomsky. One of his most cited texts to help you understand morphemes and suffixal homophones is Syntactic Structures (1957).

Future linguists are often trained with Max Morenberg's Doing Grammar (Oxford University Press) which as of 2002 was in its third edition. This is an essential text because it serves as a manual for the practice of linguistic tree diagrams. It also contains philosophical and scientific foundations of language study.

A more recently-published textbook that equally addresses learners, teachers, and researchers is Mary Clark's The Structure of English for Readers, Writers, and Teachers 2nd. Ed (2010)

The links provided with this answer w will give you some additional online resources to practice and learn more about your Grammar. However, keep in mind that most colleges and universities have a list of resources already posted for their students in their own websites that are available to everyone who visits their page. For instance, if you go to the Oxford University or Cambridge University sites  you will find a wealth of information  and practice sites. There is a wealth of resources and the field of linguistics will continue to grow.

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