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Write a letter to a classmate describing the qualities you admire about him or her. Do not sign it. Put the letter in a box at the front of the class. Each person in the class picks a letter from the box and reads it aloud to the rest of the class.

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In what ways does the form of Ali’s poem restrict what he can say? In what ways does it give him more freedom in what he can say? Discuss as a class.

Make a timeline of the significant historical events of Kashmir, and post it in your class.

After the terrorist attacks that happened in the United States on September 11, 2001, many Americans began asking questions about the Islamic faith. Compile an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list from your class, and then research the answers to these questions, sharing them with your class. Do the same for Hinduism.

Keeping in mind what you learned from the FAQ assignment above, discuss how Ali’s poem can be read as a prayer. Discuss this idea in groups and then as a class.

How important is the postal service to your daily life? How important is email and the telephone? Assume all of these communication options have been taken from you; how would you respond? Discuss as a class.

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