(Great Characters in Literature)

Horace Pendyce

Horace Pendyce, a British landholder of the late nineteenth century whose conservative opinions represent promulgation of traditional social attitudes and actions. When his son seeks his fortune at race tracks and, furthermore, is named in a divorce action, Pendyce feels his world slipping away from him. His efficient but unobtrusive wife takes the situation in hand, however, and after extricating her son from his involvement with a married woman, she persuades the injured husband to drop his divorce suit naming young Pendyce. Aristocratic tradition is again secure, and life at the country estate of Worsted Skeynes becomes serene once more.

Margery Pendyce

Margery Pendyce, Horace’s wife. She takes prompt action when her husband threatens to disinherit their son for not arranging his social affairs to his father’s liking. She leaves Horace, takes her son George in hand in London, and persuades a husband not to press proceedings in a divorce action in which the husband has named her son.

George Pendyce

George Pendyce, the irresponsible heir to Worsted Skeynes, the Pendyce country estate. Unconventional, he refuses to conform to the sort of behavior society expects of him. Helen Bellew and his gambling indebtedness create problems that distress his conservative father.

Mrs. Helen Bellew

Mrs. Helen Bellew, a rash young woman, judged by the standards of late nineteenth...

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