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The Count of Monte Cristo

by Alexandre Dumas père

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In "The Count of Monte Cristo", which chapter features the meeting between Caderous and the jeweler, where both end up dead?

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This incident occurs in Chapter 45 and 46 of Le Comte de Monte Cristo/The Count of Monte Cristo In this chapter and in Chapter 46, Bertuccio gives his history to the Count of Monte Cristo in the form of a long monologue. While smuggling goods into France, Bertuccio took refuge from the authorities in a loft behind the inn belonging to Caderousse.  While staying there, he overhears the dealings of Caderousse with the jeweler.  Caderousse demands 50,000 francs for a diamond given to him by the Abbe Busoni (the Count), but the jeweler only has 45,000.  Caderousse says he will accompany the jeweler home, but a bad storm forces the jeweler to remain and spend the night at the inn. 

It is in Chapter 46 that the actual murder occurs as the jeweler shoots Caderousse's wife as he dies.  Caderousse gets away with the murder, but Bertuccio is caught and sentenced to prison.  However, he is released when Caderousse confesses to the murder and is put in prison for the death of his wife.  Later, when Caderousse escapes, Andrea Calvacanti kills him as he tries to burglarize the home of the Abbe Busconi (Edmund Dantes).  Calvacanti is the accomplice of Monte Cristo; in reality, he is Benedetto, the baby that de Villefort has tried to bury, but Bertuccio dug him up and adopted him.

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