Chapters 65-69 Summary

Madame Danglars returns home with her lover, Debray, accompanying her. She readies herself for bed while Debray sits in her bedroom, wanting to know why she was so upset at the count’s country home. Madame Danglars attempts to push aside Debray’s concerns, but he does not accept this. He wants to get to the root of the problem but is interrupted when Danglars enters the room. Danglars insists that Debray leave his house so he can talk to his wife.

Danglars is obviously upset, but his anger is not directed at his wife’s affair with Debray but rather at the recent loss of a large sum of money. Danglars insists that his wife and her lover compensate him for at least part of the money he has lost due to the erroneous...

(The entire section is 973 words.)