Chapters 45-49 Summary

Bertuccio continues to recount the night he spent in hiding at Caderousse’s inn. Bertuccio had overheard Caderousse insinuate that some harm might come to the jeweler who had just handed over a large sum of money to Caderousse in payment for the gem the count gave Caderousse earlier.

Bertuccio feels suspicious of what might happen next, and his concern is aroused when he hears gunshots, moans, and the thudding sounds of someone falling down a flight of stairs. When he sees Caderousse leave the inn, Bertuccio goes inside and finds Caderousse’s wife dead on the stairs. Bertuccio ventures up the stairs, where he discovers the jeweler who is in the throes of death in the bedroom.

Bertuccio runs outside and...

(The entire section is 1014 words.)