Chapters 30-34 Summary

Morrel is desperate as the deadline for the payment of his bills draws near. He goes to every business associate who might offer him a loan, but no one is willing to take a chance on him. Down to his last possible hope, Morrel travels to Paris to meet with Danglars. Danglars was once Morrel’s employee in charge of the merchandise that was on the Pharaon. After Dantes was imprisoned, Danglars told Morrel that he no longer wanted to work for him. Morrel encouraged Danglar to seek his fortune elsewhere. Now that Danglars is one of the richest men in Paris, Morrel humbles himself as he appeals to Danglars for a loan. Unfortunately, even Danglars turns him down.

With nowhere else to turn, Morrel returns home more...

(The entire section is 1102 words.)