Chapters 25-29 Summary

Dantes is searching for his love, Mercedes, and the men who betrayed him. He is dressed in a priest’s black frock and is pretending to be Italian. The first person he finds is Caderousse, the tailor who used to live in the same building as Dante’s father. Caderousse played a minor part in Dantes’s imprisonment.

Caderousse is not longer a tailor. Now he runs an inn that is in poor shape because it is not doing much business. He is married, and his wife is ill. He does not recognize Dantes but treats him respectfully because Dantes rides a fine horse and buys a bottle of Caderousse’s most expensive wine.

In the course of their conversation, the priest asks if Caderousse knows Edmund Dantes. Caderousse...

(The entire section is 887 words.)