Chapters 115-117 Summary

Danglars awakens as if in a dream as he looks about the cavernous cell into which he has become imprisoned. Outside his cell door, he smells food and rises to find a guard eating, which at first disgusts Danglars. How could anyone eat such dreadful food, he thinks.

Danglars allows several hours to pass, believing that someone will soon bring him something to eat. The first guard is replaced by a second. This new guard also has brought food with him, food that increases Danglars’s appetite. He asks the man for something to eat. The guard asks what Danglars would like. Danglars replies a fowl. Almost instantaneously, a cooked fowl is brought forward. But before Danglars, who by now is very hungry, can eat one bite, the...

(The entire section is 796 words.)