Chapters 1-5 Summary

Alexandre Dumas’s novel The Count of Monte Cristo opens as the cargo ship Pharaon is entering the port at Marseilles, France, after a three-month journey. The owner of the ship, M. Morrel, is being rowed out to meet with the captain. Upon arriving, Morrel is told that Captain Leclere died from brain fever while the ship was at sea. Twenty-year-old Edmond Dantes, the ship’s first mate, has taken over the role of captain and has brought the boat safely back home with all cargo and crew aboard.

When Dantes interrupts his conversation with Morrel to attend to the securing of the ship in the harbor, Danglars, the twenty-five-year-old Supercargo (supervisor of the cargo) fills in details about what...

(The entire section is 732 words.)