Cotton Mather Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Military Duties, Recommended to an Artillery Company; A Their Election of Officers, in Chads-Town (nonfiction) 1687

* Memorable Providences, Relating to Witchcrafts and Possessions (nonfiction) 1689

Work upon the Ark: Meditations upon the Ark as a Type of the Church (sermon) 1689

The Wonderful Works of God Commemorated: Praises Bespoke for the God of Heaven, in a Thanksgiving Sermon (sermon) 1690

The Triumphs of the Reformed Religion, in America: The Life of the Renowned John Eliot; A Person justly Famous in the Church of God, Not only as an Eminent Christian and an Excellent Minister, among the English, but also, as a Memorable Evangelist among the Indians, of New-England (biography) 1691

Preparatory Meditations upon the Day of Judgement (sermon) 1692

The Wonders of the Invisible World: Observations as well Historical as Theological, upon the Nature, the Number, and the Operations of the Devils (nonfiction) 1692

Early Religion, Urged in a Sermon, upon the Duties Wherein, and the Reasons, Wherefore, Young People Should Become Religious (sermon) 1694

Brontologia Sacra: The Voice of the Glorious God in the Thunder Explained and Applyed (nonfiction) 1695

Johannes in Ermo: Memoirs, Relating to the Lives, of the Ever-Memorable Mr. John Cotton, Who dyed, 23.d. 10.m. 1652. Mr. John Norton, Who Dyed 5.d. 2.m. 1663. Mr. John Wilson, Who Dyed, 7.d. 6.m. 1667. Mr. John davenport, Who Dyed, 15.d. 1.m. 1670 (biography) 1695

Piscator Evangelicus. Or, The Life of Mr. Thomas Hooker (biography) 1695

Humiliations follow'd with Deliverences: A Brief Discourse on the Matter and Method of that Humiliation which would be an Hopeful Symptom of our...

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