The Corporate Coach

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Turning employees into highly motivated teams who are then willing to do anything for their customers is at the heart of Jim Miller’s business and service philosophy. Miller and his wife Joan moved from Wisconsin to Texas in the late 1960’s and bought an office supply business which was on the verge of bankruptcy. Miller began immediately to turn things around with his tremendous energy, hard work and his belief in the power of people to accomplish a common goal when they came together as a team. In a few years the struggling business was transformed into Miller Business Systems, a corporation that had sales of $150 million in 1992.

Miller defines teamwork in terms of a structured concept. For example, in his business employees are divided into dozens of teams which compete against other teams within the company to achieve certain goals or standards they set for themselves. He compares teamwork in a business setting with teamwork in sports and gives examples of how similar the demands are in both fields.

The book includes chapters on customer service, innovation, quality control, rewarding successful teamwork, problem-solving, and developing employee loyalty. At the end of each chapter Miller includes a “Coach’s Checklist,” or a review of the main points covered.

Jim Miller’s THE CORPORATE COACH provides a practical guide to achieving success in the service business by showing how to motivate employees to give their best to customers and in turn the company. What’s more, Miller shows how the team approach inspires employees and increases their job satisfaction.