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Copy Kat

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

COPY KAT is Karen Kijewski’s third in her series about Kat Colorado, private investigator, and it is a worthy successor.

In a previous situation, Kat had to kill or be killed. She killed. And though her body is intact, Kat’s spirit is in ruins. She has been unable to reconcile her act with who she is, so that when the opportunity arises for her to leave town and go undercover to investigate the murder of a young woman, Deidre Durkin, she jumps at it.

Kat leaves Sacramento for Grass Valley, California, and arrives as Kate Collins, a new persona, free of guilt. Her first goal is to meet the victim’s widower, Matt, at the bar he owns and blend into his life. Eventually, she will either eliminate him as a suspect or nail him for murder.

Within minutes of entering the Pioneer Hotel bar, Kate has a job as bartender and instant friends. She finds entree into Matt’s world very easy, too easy, as easy as changing her identity. Both successes alarm her.

As she delves into the mystery of Deidre’s untimely death, Kat/Kate learns about the dead woman’s life and peels back layer after layer of deception applied to heal childhood wounds — wounds that festered and became malignant. In forcing the evil to light, Kat/Kate not only finds justice but also finds the cure for her own wound.

Though COPY KAT focuses on the shadow-side of human nature, Kijewski lights it with quick wit and sardonic humor. Thus, the reader can descend into the evil that men (and women) do and know that relief is just a paragraph, or a sentence, away.