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Characters Discussed

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Abner Beech

Abner Beech, a farmer and a violent Anti-Abolitionist in the equally violent Abolitionist community of Dearborn County, New York. His political sentiments earn for him the name “Copperhead” (a Northerner with Southern sympathies) and the enmity of his neighbors, who plan to tar and feather him. When Abner’s house is ignited and burned by the bonfire for the tarring, the neighbors recover their senses, ask his forgiveness, and offer to restore his property. Goodwill reigns again among the folk of Dearborn County.

Jee Hagadorn

Jee Hagadorn, Abner Beech’s Abolitionist neighbor and enemy.

Jeff Beech

Jeff Beech, Abner Beech’s son, a Union soldier in love with Esther Hagadorn.

Esther Hagadorn

Esther Hagadorn, Jee Hagadorn’s daughter and the sweetheart of Jeff Beech.

Ni Hagadorn

Ni Hagadorn, Jee Hagadorn’s son.


Jimmy, an orphan boy who lives with Abner Beech.


Hurley, Abner Beech’s Anti-Abolitionist hired man.

Warner Pitts

Warner Pitts, Abner Beech’s former hired man, an officer in the Union army.

Byron Truax

Byron Truax, a fellow soldier of Jeff Beech.


M’rye, Abner Beech’s wife.


Janey, a hired girl.


Avery, the local squire.

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