Contemporary Travel Narratives Criticism: Women Writers And Travel - Essay

Arlene Plevin (essay date 1998)

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: Plevin, Arlene. “Women ‘Writing’ Nature: Exploring Contemporary Travelers and the Idea of Home.” In Literature of Nature: An International Sourcebook, edited by Patrick D. Murphy, pp. 440-46. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1998.

[In the following essay, Plevin examines the complexities faced by women travel writers, outlining how these challenges tend to shape their journeys as well as their writing.]

Gazing out over a “foreign” landscape, Elizabeth Bishop's fictitious traveler wonders about motivation and location. Bishop's poem creates the idea of a perceived lack prompting exploration: that home in itself, wherever or whatever it may be,...

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Sidonie Smith (essay date 2001)

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: Smith, Sidonie. “On the Road: (Auto)Mobility and Gendered Detours.” In Moving Lives: Twentieth-Century Women's Travel Writing, pp. 167-202. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2001.

[In the following essay, Smith traces the effect of mobility on female travel writers, focusing on two twentieth-century narratives: Beverly Donofrio's Riding in Cars with Boys and Irma Kurtz's The Great American Bus Ride.]

Those who have taken the pains to search below the surface for the great tendencies of the age, know what a giant industry is struggling into being there. All signs point to the motor vehicle as the necessary sequence of...

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