The Constitutional Convention

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What conflict did the Great Compromise resolve at the Constitutional Convention?

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When the Founding Fathers met to discuss a new plan of government, there was a significant difference of opinion regarding how representation in Congress would be determined. The large states believed that they should have more representatives than the small states because they had more people living in their state. The small states wanted equal representation in Congress because they feared the large states would have too many representatives. They feared this would make it more difficult for the small states to get Congress to pass laws that would help them get the things that were important to them. They also were concerned that their voices might not be heard.

Roger Sherman proposed the Great Compromise. There would be two houses of Congress. In the House of Representatives, the population of a state would determine representation. This would allow the large states to have more representatives than the small states. In the Senate, representation would be equal. Each state, regardless of size, would have two senators.

This compromise allowed both sides to get part of what they wanted. The Great Compromise resolved the issue of how representation in Congress would be determined.

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