Constitution of the United States

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After the framers completed the Constitution in 1787, what did Madison and the other framers do in response to the people's reaction?

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Of course, not all Americans reacted in the same way to the Constitution when it was first proposed to them in 1787.  There was some degree of hostility to the new framework from some people.  As a means of combatting that hostility, two main things were done.  One took the form of a political campaign.  The other was a concession to the new document’s detractors.

The major problem that some people had with the Constitution was that it would give the federal government too much power.  These people feared that the government would use that power to abuse the people’s rights.  The proponents of the Constitution did one thing by way of compromise with their opponents.  That is, they promised to add a Bill of Rights to the Constitution.  This would prevent the federal government from infringing on people’s rights.

The other thing that some of the framers did was to try to convince people that the Constitution was a good thing.  Three of the framers, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, wrote a series of newspaper editorials in support of the Constitution.  They wrote 85 of these essays in total and we now call them The Federalist Papers.  The essays were point by point justifications of the various aspects of the Constitution.

These were the two main responses of the Framers to the reactions of some of the American people.

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