by Kong Qiu

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What's your favorite quote from Confucius or the Classic of Poetry and why?

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Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.


Take the first quote. The world today is a veritable inferno with cultivation of illusory ego and undeserved pride. All of us running madly for self-aggrandisement and fulfilment of selfish goals. The moment anybody obstructs or poses an impediment we, like mad ignorant men, get furious. The very next reaction is anger, unbridled anger leading to a desire for revenge. If we knew that in all battles, all fights, all violent ordeals, both parties remain losers, that it is impossible to win a battle through violence, then our lives would have been a procession of peace, joy, forgiveness and calm. In all divorce cases both parties lose, the ignorance of this fact leads to so much pain to so many people. What a great waste. That is why the war against terrorism will never stop, both parties would keep on losing and victory would go to terror itself. Let us learn that in order to live and not dig our graves, we need patience, moderation, tolerance, love, kindness, mercy et al which are divine virtues whilr revenge is a satanic mode of action which only deepens our doom.

Now to the 2nd quote. This throws light of wisdom for millions of young souls who somehow suffer for their goals not being fulfilled. Actually, since our lives are conditioned by desire and material success, many of us dream of attaining so many things or goals in life which we do not reach. As a result we tend to be depressed and lose not only the joy that is life, but even cannot even perform the basic good tasks we all are destined to do. The point i've noticed in my teaching career spanning 32 years is that so many young minds feel doomed to be depressed for not being able to achieve what they dreamt of. I have always felt that this is the result of lack of positivity which leads to destruction of tenacity. If we believe in confucius's dictum that no matter how slow we go we'll reach our goals if we do not stop all of us would have made life a joyful and positive journey that the human life is. This is a great message to our youth. Target your goal and keep on proceeding. Do not believe that anything good and great will come easily and cheaply. One requires a lot of patient trial and one should learn to wait and work. Our goals will definitely be attained. This message will cure our negativity and teach us hope in the philosophy of continual work without stress and would make our lives a journey to bliss.

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