Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man Characters

Thomas Mann

Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Felix Krull

Felix Krull (FAY-lihks krewl), alias Armand, a hotel employee; alias the Marquis de Venosta. Impressed at a theatrical performance by the ease with which the actors create various impressions, Felix himself becomes an actor. From that time on he plays a variety of roles in life. As Armand, the waiter in a hotel, he leads a double life on the proceeds from the sale of jewels he steals from a guest, Mme Houpflé; impersonating the Marquis de Venosta, he sets out on a trip around the world.

Müller Rose

Müller Rose (MEW-lur ROH-suh), an actor whose performance inspires Felix Krull himself to become an actor.

Madame Houpflé

Madame Houpflé (HEWPF-lay), a guest at the hotel where Felix Krull, alias Armand, is employed. She becomes Armand’s mistress, and, to complete her humiliation, she begs him to rob her of all her valuables.

The Marquis de Venosta

The Marquis de Venosta (vay-NOH-stah), a nobleman. In despair because his parents plan to send him around the world, thus separating him from his mistress Zaza, he engages Armand (Felix Krull) to impersonate him and make the journey in his stead.

Dom Antonio José Kuckuck

Dom Antonio José Kuckuck (ahn-TOH-nyoh ho-SEH KEW-kewk), a Portuguese museum director whom Felix Krull, alias the Marquis de Venosta, visits in Lisbon.

Dona Maria Pia Kuckuck

Dona Maria Pia Kuckuck (mah-REE-ah PEE-ah), the wife of Dom Antonio José Kuckuck. She falls in love with Felix Krull, alias the Marquis de Venosta, while he is attempting to seduce her daughter.

Susanna “Zouzou” Kuckuck

Susanna “Zouzou” Kuckuck, their daughter.

Engelbert Krull

Engelbert Krull (ahng-GEHL-burt) and

Frau Krull

Frau Krull, Felix Krull’s parents.

Olympia Krull

Olympia Krull, Felix Krull’s sister.

Herr Schimmelpreester

Herr Schimmelpreester (shih-MAL-pray-stur), Felix Krull’s godfather.

Lord Strathbogie

Lord Strathbogie, a guest at the hotel where Felix Krull, alias Armand, works.


Zaza (sah-sah), the Marquis de Venosta’s mistress.