Compton Mackenzie Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Poems (poetry) 1907

The Passionate Elopement (novel) 1911

Carnival (novel) 1912

Kensington Rhymes (poetry) 1912

Youth's Encounter (novel) 1913

Sinister Street (novel) 1914

Guy and Pauline (novel) 1915

The Early Life and Adventures of Sylvia Scarlett (novel) 1918

Poor Relations (novel) 1919

Sylvia and Michael: The Later Adventures of Sylvia Scarlett (novel) 1919

The Vanity Girl (novel) 1920

Rich Relatives (novel) 1921

The Altar Steps (novel) 1922

Gramophone Nights [with Archibald Marshall] (essays) 1923

The Parson's Progress (novel) 1923

The Seven Ages of Women (novel) 1923

The Heavenly Ladder (novel) 1924

Santa Claus in Summer (juvenilia) 1924

Coral (novel) 1925

Fairy Gold (novel) 1926

Mabel in Queer Street (juvenilia) 1927

Rogues and Vagabonds (novel) 1927

Vestal Fire (novel) 1927

Extraordinary Women: Theme and Variation (novel) 1928

Extremes Meet (novel)...

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