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When is email interpersonal communication?


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Interpersonal communication is nothing but the exchange of some kind of information (thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc.) between two or more people. Such an exchange of information can happen via a verbal (speech) or even a non-verbal channel (we can get to know about many aspects about the personality of others and even make good guesses about what they might be thinking just by looking at their facial expressions, body posture, hand movements, etc.). 

Interpersonal communication can be direct or mediated. The direct interpersonal communication requires the participants to be present in a face-to-face setting. The mediated interpersonal communication is mediated by technology and can, thus, happen in the absence of a face-to-face setting. Email and telephonic conversations are examples of mediated interpersonal communication. Email communication is usually dyadic, involving only two participants. However, it also possible to mark more than person in the email at a time, in which case it can be called a group communication.

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