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What is global communication?

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It is a fact that the world is becoming more and more globalized in modern times.  Countries trade with one another in unprecedented amounts.  People interact with one another across borders.  In a globalized world, there is a need for people to communicate with one another around the world.  This is where global communications come in.

Global communications can come in at least two different types.  First, there is personal or small-scale communication.  This is what we do in our personal lives or as workers.  We use cell phones for this and we use email.  We can communicate by posting things on websites that are used by people around the world.

However, there is also the aspect of global communication that is on a mass scale.  Today, news is communicated across national barriers.  Entertainment programs are also communicated in this way. 

The study of global communications looks at all of these types of communications.  It also looks at things like governmental policies that affect the ways in which these communications can occur.  Thus, global communications as a field has to do with the different ways in which people communicate across national boundaries and the factors that affect those communications.

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