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What is body language and its signs with the meaning and examples. Can you help me with it?

Expert Answers

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This will not be a power point, but I'm sure that you can create one.  Body language is communication using the body without verbal language to express meanings and ideas.  Some examples  might be to cross your arms over your stomach which might be a sign of tension or holding oneself together without falling apart verbally.  Another common example is the rolling of the eyes when something sounds fake or is not a comment approved of by the group.  Standing tall with hands ready to move might be a sign of a readiness to fight. Often in a classroom, students may convey negative information about another student through nonverbal communication such as turning their bodies away from a disliked speaker.   Much of what is communicated non-verbally in a conversation may be as important as what is said verbally, and we often understand the nonverbal message without any conscious thought about it.

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