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What are the advantages of communication with a computer?

Expert Answers

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The advantages of communicating by computer are speed, the ability to communicate across great distances, the ability to communicate to an unlimited number of people, low cost, and the ease of creating the documents and other material to communicate. 

We use computers to communicate in a variety of ways, for example, messaging, email, and uploading and downloading documents and other materials. We also post communications on social media and other websites.  We can accomplish this virtually instantaneously, as contrasted with other means of communication, for example, the post office or private carriers. 

As long as sender and receiver have computers, there is no distance that is too far for us to communicate with computers.  I can message with someone in China, send an email to the Philippines, or send a photograph to someone in France.  There are no geographical limitations with this form of communication.

I can communicate to millions of people, if I so choose.  All I need to do is type up what I have to communicate and send it to as many people as I like or post on a website that millions of people view.  There are no limits on the size of the audience I want to communicate with.

Once I have a computer, the cost of transmitting any communication with that computer is really de minimus. I have an electric bill, of course, but the cost of any one communication is probably a fraction of a cent.  Contrast this with sending a document across town using a postal service.  The cost of a stamp far exceeds my cost in using the computer. 

Today, as we type up the documents or messages we wish to send, we create pdfs,  or we upload photos, it is a far cry from the days of the typewriter. A document need not be painstakingly corrected with whiteout or erasing. It can be corrected on the screen, quickly and painlessly. The keyboard is about as easy as it gets. Most people I know can type over 100 words per minute today, probably unheard of with a typewriter. We can scan any material easily and upload it to whomever we please.  And most people take photographs with their phones or digital cameras, so these are communicated effortlessly, too. 

The changes in communication that the computer has wrought are amazing. It is now simple, fast, and inexpensive to communicate anywhere, with anyone. 

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