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How can we apply at least one of the Nine Principles of Ethical Communication in our lives?



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For those of us who are teachers, it is important to apply many of these nine principles as we teach.  For example, the principles tell us that we need to 

endorse freedom of expression, diversity of perspective, and tolerance of dissent...

As teachers, we can do this by running our classes with this in mind.  We can make sure that people who have opinions different than those of the rest of the class are given the chance to speak and are not shouted down or otherwise belittled by the rest of the class.  

The principles also tell us to

... condemn communication that degrades individuals and humanity through distortion, intimidation, coercion, and violence and through the expression of intolerance and hatred.

Here too, are ideas that teachers can implement in class.  We can be sure that we do not tolerate the use of racial slurs.  We can fight against bullying or mocking of our students.  We can make an issue of it when our students call something "gay."

In these ways, we can apply these principles to our lives as teachers.

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