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How can technology be used to communicate in a classroom setting while considering communicating and collaboration with students, parents, residential and the global community?

Expert Answers

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Many schools utilize on-line grade and attendance websites. These sites allow teachers to update student grades regularly on-line where parents can view and track student performance. The use of this type of technology is specifically geared toward communication between teachers, students and parents. 

A more broad-based or community oriented program might entail content presented via technology. For instance, if a school recorded lectures or used available recorded lectures (from Yale Open Courses or other content sources), these lectures can be used in the classroom. They can also be posted to a school's website. 

This use of technology to deliver content has the potential to facilitate community discourse based on the lectures that are being used in the classroom. Web-based community outreach or traditional types of marketing can be used to help increase community participation in the related academic discourse that grows from the recorded lectures posted on-line. 

Student projects can be similarly recorded, posted, and advertised to allow students to construct their own community discourse based on creative work, research, or other ideas. 

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