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Discuss the importance of administrative communication and performance when it comes to  public decision making.





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Communication is important in any relationship. Without clear communication, all relationships in time will unravel. This is also true in politics and public decision making. There are several reasons for this fact. 

First, governmental officials are elected to represent the people and their desires. In addition, officials should do what is most beneficial for the general population. In light of these mandates, they need to be transparent with the people. In order to do this, communication is very important. This is why even the United States government has a website to communicate to people what is going on. 

Second, for the people to support their elected leaders and officials, they need to know that their opinions, problems, and desires are not only known, but also cared for by their officials. This takes place through communication. 

In short, leaders need to communicate as much as possible to inform the population and for accountability. 

Across the nation, government is frequently acting as the convening party, bringing affected and often competing interests together, and providing the resources to enable them to find areas of agreement. ... core values are the esprit de corps of constructive public participation and collaboration.

  • Be informed.
  • Be heard.
  • Have influence.
  • Reach agreement. (University of Alaska Anchorage)

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