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Discuss how communication can bring about advancement in any society.

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We can deal with two kinds of communication here:  communication between two different societies, and communication between various elements inside a society.  Following the basic paradigmatic formula for communication (sender, code, medium, static, receiver, etc.) we can see how important it is for members inside a society to be able to share mutual goals, justify opposing viewpoints, convey organizational directions, etc.  Whether speaking of a large society (a state or country) or a small one (a company, a club, a family), the members must share the code, and be mutually cognizant of the goals.  For example, in a Boy Scout troop, each scout must understand and pledge to follow the code of Boy Scouts—be prepared, be honest, serve others, etc.  There values are communicated through the Boy Scout handbook, the code shared by all members.  The communication between Leader and members, especially in outings and projects, allows everyone to work toward the same goals—safety, education, service, etc.  Of course, in the business society, all levels of management must use strong communication skills to follow the business from investment to profit, the ultimate “advancement” of a business society.

         When there are disputes between disparate cultures or societies, communication, via ambassadors, embassies, communiqués between political leaders, etc. are invaluable in preventing clashes of goals, and to understand differences in values.  Much of the tensions between nations come from imperfect communications—usually clogged channels caused by a disparity between stated and “real” goals—while treaties and similar documents of agreement are communications instruments hopefully devoid of “static” and mistranslation of the code.  The “advancement” of both societies that are parties to a treaty can be measured in an atmosphere of peace and positivity.

        On a historical time-scale, communication brings advancement, for example, out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance, by Greek and Roman cultures being communicated during the Middle Ages, largely through the translation efforts of cloistered monks.

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