Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody

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Questions and Answers College: Chapters 18 – 21

Study Questions
1. In what ways are Miss Harris and Mrs. Adams like Mrs. Burke?

2. How does Anne respond to her family’s discouragement of her activism?

3. What is Anne afraid of upon starting class at Tougaloo?

4. Anne learns that the problems she saw among blacks in Centreville aren’t unique to her hometown. Give an example to illustrate that this is true.

5. Why don’t Anne and Rose succeed at their impromptu bus station sit-in?

1. Miss Harris and Mrs. Adams are similar to Mrs. Burke because both women try to abuse their authority, lying to younger people and treating them as inferiors.

2. She ignores it and decides to follow her own voice and guidance on what is right.

3. She fears the campus’s population of paler-skinned blacks will snub her for her dark skin, but this doesn’t happen.

4. Anne learned that rallying blacks to demand the right to register and vote is difficult in many parts of Mississippi, due mostly to fear but also sometimes to apathy.

5. They learn that in their community they need a larger volume of people to make any difference.