Coming of Age in Mississippi Summary and Analysis College: Chapters 18 – 21

Anne Moody

Summary and Analysis College: Chapters 18 – 21

New Characters
Mrs. Evans: The repressive schoolmarm at Natchez College.

Miss Harris: The cook Anne works for at Natchez College.

Miss Adams: The coach of Natchez College basketball team and strict disciplinarian.

Keemp: Anne’s first boyfriend.

President Buck: The president of Natchez College.

Trotter: The dark-skinned Tougaloo roommate who introduces Anne to the NAACP.

Dave Jones: One of Anne's boyfriends at Tougaloo.

Joan Trumpauer: A Tougaloo classmate involved in SNCC.

Rose: One of Anne's classmates who is also involved in SNCC and with whom Anne stages a bus stop sit-in.


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