Coming of Age in Mississippi Summary

Anne Moody

Coming of Age in Mississippi Summary

Coming of Age in Mississippi recounts the true story of narrator Anne Moody's coming of age in her home state during the Civil Rights Movement. As a child, Anne excels in school and helps to support her family. She becomes increasingly political in college and spends her time registering African Americans to vote. In the face of hardship, she never gives up her dream of equality.

  • Not long after she enters high school, Anne realizes that racial tensions are escalating in her hometown of Centreville. A black boy is killed for whistling at a white woman, and many other attacks occur in the proceeding years.

  • Anne goes to college, where she becomes involved in the Civil Rights Movement. She is particularly interested in voter registration drives and spends much of her time fighting to give African Americans a voice in politics.

  • Fearing for her life, Anne briefly moves from Canton, Mississippi to New Orleans to live with her sister. She later returns to Canton and joins a group heading to Washington, D.C. to testify in front of Congress.


Part One: Childhood
The narrator of Coming of Age in Mississippi Anne Moody...

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