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Representative Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

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Matt Baker
Phantom Lady 17 (superhero) 1948

Carl Barks
Donald Duck Four Color 9 (humor) 1942

C. C. Beck
Whiz Comics 2 (superhero; debut of Captain Marvel) 1940

Jack Cole
Plastic Man 1 (superhero) 1943

R. Crumb
Zap Comics (underground) 1967-

Will Eisner
Spirit (detective) 1940-52

Bill Everett
Marvel Comics I (superhero; debut of Submariner) 1939

M. C. Gaines
Famous Funnies 1 (first monthly color comic book; humor) 1934

William Gaines and Al Feldstein
Haunt of Fear (horror) 1950-54
Shock SuspenStories (suspense) 1952-55
Weird Science (science fiction) 1950-53

Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez
Love and Rockets (adult) 1982-96

Bob Kane
Detective Comics 27 (superhero; debut of Batman),

Walt Kelly
Animal Comics (humor) 1942-47
Pogo Possum (humor) 1949-54

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon
Captain America Comics 1 (superhero; debut of Captain America) 1941-47

Harvey Kurtzman
Mad (satire) 1952-55
Two-Fisted Tales (war) 1950-55

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four 1 (superhero; debut of Fantastic Four) 1961
Amazing Fantasy 15 (superhero; debut of Spiderman) 1962

William Moulton Marston
All Star Comics 8 (superhero; debut of Wonder Woman) 1941

Frank Miller
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (superhero; graphic novel) 1986

Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster
Action Comics 1 (superhero; debut of Superman) 1938

Art Spiegelman
Maus, A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History (graphic novel) 1986
Maus, A Survivor's Tale: And Here My Troubles Began (graphic novel) 1991

John Stanley
Little Lulu Four Color 74 (humor) 1945