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Antipholus of Syracuse

Antipholus of Syracuse (an-TIHF-oh-luhs), the son of Aegeon and Aemilia. Separated from his twin brother in his childhood, he meets him again under the most baffling circumstances. Shortly after he and his servant, Dromio of Syracuse, land in Ephesus, the whole series of comic errors begins. Antipholus meets his servant’s lost twin brother, who is also bewildered by the ensuing conversation. Thinking this Dromio to be his own servant, Antipholus hits the mystified man on his head with great vigor. Finally, at the end, this puzzle is solved when he recognizes that he has found his identical twin.

Antipholus of Ephesus

Antipholus of Ephesus (EHF-eh-suhs), the identical twin brother of Antipholus of Syracuse. Equally bewildered by his mishaps, he is disgruntled when his wife locks him out of his house. She is blissfully unaware of the truth—that the man at her house is not her husband. In addition, a purse of money is received by the wrong man. Never having seen his own father, or at least not aware of the relationship, he is even more amazed when the old man calls him “son.” By this time, the entire town believes him to be mad, and he, like his twin, is beginning to think that he is bewitched. It is with great relief that he finally learns the true situation and is reunited with his family.

Dromio of Syracuse


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Duke of Ephesus.

Aegeon (Egeon)
Merchant from Syracuse traveling in Ephesus...

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