Comedy of Manners Criticism: Overviews - Essay

Bonamy Dobrée (essay date 1924)

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

SOURCE: Dobrée, Bonamy. “The Framework” and “The Comedy of Manners.” In Restoration Comedy: 1660-1720, pp. 17-30;31-8. 1924. Reprint. London: Oxford University Press, 1958.

[In the following excerpts from a work originally published in 1924, Dobrée provides background on Restoration society and describes differences between the comedy of manners and the earlier comedy of humours.]


Let us first examine briefly the soil in which this comedy grew.

The most hasty student of history regards the quarter-century succeeding the Restoration as one of unbridled licence, in which everybody from the king downwards...

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David L. Hirst (essay date 1979)

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

SOURCE: Hirst, David L. “The Seventeenth Century.” In Comedy of Manners, pp. 6-35. London: Methuen & Co Ltd, 1979.

[In the following essay, Hirst delineates the themes that distinguish the comedy of manners as a distinct genre and examines some of the works of the leading playwrights of the seventeenth century.]

I will believe, there are now in the world
Good-natured friends, who are not prostitutes,
And handsome women worthy to be friends:
Yet, for my sake, let no one e'er confide
In tears, or oaths, in love, or friend untried.

(William Wycherley: The Plain Dealer, 1676)

The terms Restoration comedy and comedy of manners...

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