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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. Do you think Mina was accepted at ballet camp because she was gifted or because she was African American? Why do you think Mina was dismissed from ballet camp?

2. Mina feels in her second summer at ballet camp that she is being forced to act as if she wants to be white. What are some of the ways in which she acts in this manner?

3. What does Miz Hunter mean when she tells Mina she must learn to look with a long eye?

4. When Tamer and his family come to dinner, why does Tamer insist on dancing when he has not danced for years?

5. Why does Mina say Alice Shipp is like a butterfly?

6. Mina is unusually responsible for a girl of her age. Discuss some of the ways in which she acts responsibly.

7. What are the traits in Tamer Shipp that Mina finds...

(The entire section is 277 words.)