Come Morning Summary
by Joe Gores

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Come Morning

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Runyan has spent seven years in San Quentin on a robbery conviction. With the help of a buddy from his time in Vietnam, he stole two million dollars’ worth of diamonds--the whereabouts which are known to him alone. Now, thanks to the complicity of an insurance investigator, Moyers, Runyan is being granted early parole. In return, Runyan agrees to sell the diamonds to Moyers.

Within minutes of his release from prison, Runyan finds himself the center of deadly attention as various unsavory characters pursue him for diverse and nefarious reasons. He is forced to draw upon all his skills for survival as well as his talents as a master criminal in order to extricate himself from ever-imminent peril. To further complicate the situation, love develops between Runyan and the beautiful Louise Graham, whose sudden, inexplicable presence in Runyan’s life is both dangerous and exhilarating.

This sparsely written and fascinating mystery carries the reader along with Runyan as he implements his ingenious plan to outwit his opponents, save his life, and free himself from his past. The author’s experience in writing screenplays and teleplays is evidenced in the clearly developed major characters and tightly woven, action-filled plot.