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Research the history of Alcoholics Anonymous Most people did not speak freely of addictions in 1950. Consider whether Inge's play breaks any new ground in its portrayal of an alcoholic's relapse and recovery.

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Some critics have criticized Come Back, Little Sheba for its lack of depth. Yet the play was very popular both on stage and as a movie. How do you account for its popularity?

At the conclusion of this play, both Doc and Lola appear to have accepted the reality of their lives and both seem ready to move forward together. The dog, which had symbolized Lola's lost beauty and youth, is no longer the object of Lola's search. Explore the symbolism in the play and decide if you think that Inge relies too heavily on symbolism to carry his plot.

Research the American post World War II experience The early 1950s are often identified with isolation and repressed sexuality. In what ways do the Delaneys represent this repressed and inhibited ideal?

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