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The Color Purple

by Alice Walker

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Letters 88–90: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How long were Adam and Tashi gone?

2. What would Tashi still have if Adam deserted her?

3. What happens when Sofia is called “auntie” by a white man?

4. What was the only thing Albert ever wanted in life?

5. Why does Albert think we are here on this earth?

6. What has happened to Germaine?

7. Will Shug ever sing again?

8. Why did Mary Agnes leave Grady?

9. What do people like to eat in Africa, according to Tashi?

10. Why does Celie feel a little peculiar around the children?

1. Adam and Tashi were gone for two and a half months.

2. Even if Adam deserted her, Tashi would still have Olivia. Olivia promises she will always be Tashi’s sister.

3. Sofia asks him which colored man married his mother’s sister.

4. The only thing that Albert wanted in life was Shug Avery.

5. Albert decides that people are here “to wonder,” and “in wondering bout the big things…you learn bout the little ones.”

6. Germaine went off to college after his split with Shug.

7. Shug contemplates retirement, although she would still sing one or two nights at Harpo’s.

8. Mary Agnes was tired of being stoned all the time, and Grady was “no good influence for no child.” She now lives in Memphis, with her mother and Suzie Q.

9. Tashi says that Africans love to eat barbecue.

10. The children seem to think that all of the older people “don’t know much what going on.” But Celie knows better.

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