The Color Purple Letters 64–69: Questions and Answers

Alice Walker

Letters 64–69: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Nettie proud of the villagers as they talk with the roadbuilders?

2. How have Adam and Olivia changed during their five years in Africa?

3. Describe an Olinka funeral.

4. How is Samuel made uneasy by the relationships between men and women in the Olinka village?

5. What does Nettie mean when she says “a grown child is a dangerous thing”?

6. How does Corrine treat the children now?

7. Why does Corrine want to examine Nettie’s stomach?

8. How did Celie’s mother become mentally unstable after her first husband died, according to the story?

9. What is the “key” to handling white people,...

(The entire section is 473 words.)