The Color Purple Letters 32–36: Questions and Answers
by Alice Walker

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Letters 32–36: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the name of Harpo’s new club?

2. Why is Harpo puzzled by Shug?

3. How does Shug describe the first time she made love with Mr.____?

4. What does having sex with Mr.____ feel like to Celie?

5. What was the best thing about having children for Celie?

6. How does Shug act like a man?

7. What does Harpo consider a scandal?

8. What is Buster’s “job,” with regards to Sofia?

9. How did Squeak get her nickname?

10. What does “teenouncy” mean?

1. Harpo’s new club is called “Harpo’s.”

2. Harpo is confused by Shug’s willingness to say whatever she feels. Harpo’s ideal woman would behave like Celie, and do whatever he wants her to do. Harpo still cannot handle an independent woman.

3. Shug says that the first time was an accident. Feeling carried them away.

4. Celie says it feels like Mr.____ is going to the toilet on her.

5. Celie loved to nurse her children because she used to feel a shiver.

6. Shug talks like a man; instead of talking about hair or health, she compliments another woman on her good looks. Celie becomes slightly aroused when she sees Shug walking around in the club.

7. Harpo thinks that it is “a scandless” that “a woman with five children (Sofia) [is] hanging out in a jukejoint at night.”

8. Buster’s job is “to love (Sofia) and take her where she want to go.”

9. Harpo gave Squeak that nickname, presumably because of her voice.

10. “Teenouncy” is a cross between tiny and bouncy, which accurately describes Squeak’s voice.