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The Color Purple

by Alice Walker

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Letters 10–12: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Celie know that it is her daughter at the store?

2. What is Olivia’s foster mother buying at the general store, and why?

3. How old is Olivia now?

4. Why does Nettie show up at Mr.____’s farm?

5. Why does Celie start to feel good about herself?

6. How does Celie react to Nettie’s concern about leaving her alone with Mr.____?

7. Why do Mr.____’s sisters begin to gossip, even though “it not nice to speak ill of the dead”?

8. How does Celie compare with Mr.____’s previous wife, according to Kate and Carrie?

9. What color does Celie want for her dress, and what color does she end up buying?

10. Why does Harpo refuse at first when Kate asks him to bring in a bucket of water?

1. The little girl has Celie’s eyes.

2. Olivia’s foster mother is buying some fabric and thread so that she can make dresses for herself and her daughter.

3. Olivia will be seven in November.

4. Nettie couldn’t take living at home with Pa and might try to find help for the smaller children.

5. Nettie passes on all the compliments that she receives from Mr.____ to Celie.

6. Celie is philosophical, saying that God is still with her.

7. Even though they gossip about Annie Julia, Mr.____’s last wife, they insist that it is still the truth.

8. Celie is a much better housekeeper than Annie Julia ever was, according to Kate and Carrie. Furthermore, she takes care of the children and cooks very well. Kate and Carrie both consider Mr.____ to be a bit ungrateful to have such a good wife and not appreciate her.

9. Celie wants a purple dress, but can’t find any purple fabric. She settles for a blue dress.

10. Harpo tells Kate that fetching water is “women work.”

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