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The Color Purple

by Alice Walker

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Letters 88–90 Summary

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Last Updated February 17, 2023.

Nettie expresses her joy that Adam and Tashi have come back, and shares that during their time in the forest they discovered a massive concealed city which was inhabited by people from various tribes who had been displaced. After their return, Adam proposes to Tashi, but she declines due to her concern that her scars will cause her to be viewed as uncivilized in America and that Adam may become ashamed of her in the future. However, Adam assures her that he will always stand by her and proves it by getting the same scars on his face. Samuel officiates Tashi and Adam's wedding, after which they promptly depart for their home.

While waiting for Nettie's return, Celie organizes her store and hires Sofia to work as a clerk, while Harpo looks after their children. To assist Harpo, Eleanor Jane, who learns the truth about why Sofia was her maid, decides to make amends and offers to help out. Mr.____ proposes to Celie, but she declines and suggests being friends instead. Just as Celie realizes she can be happy without Shug, she receives a letter from Shug informing her of her return. Celie concludes that learning to be content on one's own is the lesson she was meant to learn.

On a particular day, Shug, Albert, and Celie are relaxing on the porch when they notice a vehicle approaching from afar. The car eventually arrives at their driveway, and Nettie, Samuel, Olivia, Adam, and Tashi exit and make their way towards the porch. Upon seeing each other, Celie and Nettie embrace and burst into tears.

In the final scene, the family is gathered for their annual Fourth of July reunion, where they enjoy a big barbecue and each other's company while laughing. Celie gazes at the people around her and feels amazed that she has finally been reunited with her sister, despite not seeing her for thirty years and both of them now being old. She reflects that this moment makes her feel younger than ever before.

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