The Color Purple Letters 82–85: Summary and Analysis

Alice Walker

Letters 82–85: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Germaine: a young musician

Celie gets a call from Daisy informing her that Alphonso, her stepfather, has died. Celie is unmoved by this until she finds out that she and Nettie have inherited his house and dry goods store. Celie wants to give up the house when Shug has a better idea. They go to the house with cedar sticks and use smoke to chase “out all the evil” and make “a place for good.” Celie now has a new store to sell pants.

Unfortunately, while she fixes up her home she is barraged with bad news. Shug tells her that she met a young man one night, and that she is going out on the road with him. Celie is shocked, and cannot believe her. She tells...

(The entire section is 568 words.)